Drunken Caroling as a Form of Government

When talking about the reforms Peter the Great brought to his country we have to start with the Most Drunken Council, because that is literally the best name for anything in the history of ever.

Heresy and Hissy Fits

Now that their religion is outlawed, Christian Jews put a lot of effort into distancing themselves from regular Jews, because at this point everybody just hates those for no real reason.

In Which Jesus Scolds Some Rowdy Teen Zealots

So the Romans conquered the Jewish people like forever ago but that’s how the empire converted to Christianity so I guess we’ve gotta talk about it.

Russia Picks Some Fights for Shits and Giggles

In 1697 Peter the Great and his besties take a road trip to see all the European capitals!

Portugal Turns Sassing Spain Into A Fine Art

After 1513, Panama is becoming very popular for Spain. It has lots of opportunities for their favorite hobby: ruining the lives of indigenous people!