Heresy and Hissy Fits

Now that their religion is outlawed, Christian Jews put a lot of effort into distancing themselves from regular Jews, because at this point everybody just hates those for no real reason.

In Which Jesus Scolds Some Rowdy Teen Zealots

So the Romans conquered the Jewish people like forever ago but that’s how the empire converted to Christianity so I guess we’ve gotta talk about it.

King Clovis Thinks Christianity is Silly

King Clovis is still REALLY busy being fuckin sweet and choppin off heads, but the church won’t stop sassing him about who the hell knows what.

King Clovis Has No Time For Your Bullshit

While the Roman Empire is busy imploding, the Frankish barbarians decide it’s time to go conquer some of their shit

Are You Tired of Barbarians Yet? Me Neither.

Though the barbarians were collectively pretty bitchin, they weren’t all the same.